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Our consulting approach is to offer consulting from a single source and long-term support for companies in the context of their digitization and modernization.

Main IT topics are:

  • Microsoft Consulting (Microsoft 365 & Azure)
  • AWS Consulting
  • Google Consulting
  • Stack-IT
  • Telekom Cloud

Strategic consulting

As part of our strategic consulting services, we support managing directors, department heads and CIOs in the areas of digitization, modern workplace and cloud computing.

Thus we offer

  • Workshops
  • Participation in steering committees and CIO meetings
  • Coaching and support

Compliance consulting

We are specialized in supporting you in the area of regulatory compliance. In the context of the introduction and operation of IT solutions, a wide variety of rules and laws must be observed worldwide. In addition, there are own values and rules that have to be developed, controlled and adhered to.

Examples of regulation are:

  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • GobD / retention regulation
  • Data protection + external data protection officer

Another special area is the support in the field of data protection. Here we support them both in consulting, implementation and introduction of processes around data protection, as well as in the introduction and operation of IT technologies, such as Microsoft 365, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Alibaba.

  • external data protection officer
  • Documentation
  • Processes
  • concrete implementation
  • Works councils and companies

We support works councils and companies in the area of their activities. For example, we already advise both IT committees of works councils, group works councils and general works councils in the context of the introduction of IT technologies such as Microsoft 365, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba and the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and Big Data.

Likewise, we already advise national and international companies in dealing with the creation of works framework agreements, appendices and the implementation of processes to deal with ever new functions and technologies.