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KöllnService GmbH

Represented by: Raphael Köllner

Privacy policy for the website

We use the service provider IONOS (1&1) for the operation of this website with a hosting of the website in Germany including the domain and the SSL certificate.

Statistics and Tracking
As part of the hosting, performance data is collected by IONOS on our behalf as a contractor. These are only used to ensure and secure the operation of this website. Additional analysis tools are not installed, as the standard tools of IONOS for website operators.

The following values are collected by IONOS:

Visitors (anonymized)
Page views per session
Most visited pages
Page views
Search engine robots
Duration per session
Bounce rate
Entry page and exit page
Most visited pages
Pages with high bounce rate
All origin pages (search engine, direct, other)
We do not receive any more detailed information about the users. These are anonymized values, which we cannot trace back to individual persons.

Contact via

For the email address we use a European Exchange Online Server from Microsoft via a Microsoft 365 subscription with the corresponding contract basis and the possibility to communicate encrypted via PGP, S/MIME and OME. Behind the address is a shared mailbox with an archiving and thus processing period of maximum 7 years (6+1) within the requirements of § 147 AO and § 238 HGB.

We ask you to always communicate with us in encrypted form and to provide us with e.g. your PGP key in time.

We do not use cookies to operate the website for visitors. Session cookies are only used for processing and administration of the website. The collection of the above mentioned data takes place on the web server.

Images and content
All images used on this site are copyrighted by Köllnservice or its partners (logos/advertising images). We do not use any content from third parties.

Data subject rights
If you have any questions about the handling of your personal data, you are welcome to contact our data protection officer(s). You will find the contact details in this data protection declaration under the heading “Data protection – Contact”.

You have the right to request confirmation as to whether personal data relating to you is being processed by us. If this is the case, we will be happy to provide you with information about this personal data and the information listed in Art. 15 DSGVO.

In addition, you have the right to rectification (Art. 16 DSGVO), the right to restriction of processing (Art. 18 DSGVO), the right to erasure (Art. 17 DSGVO) and the right to data portability (Art. 20 DSGVO) under the respective legal conditions.

You have the right to object to processing under the legal conditions (Art. 21 DSGVO).

In addition, you have the option in the “Privacy Settings” to revoke the consent you have given and to make settings.

Without prejudice to these rights and the possibility of seeking any other administrative or judicial remedy, you may at any time exercise your right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State of your residence, place of work or the place of the alleged infringement, if you consider that the processing of personal data relating to you infringes data protection law (Art. 77 DSGVO).

The supervisory authority responsible for us is the:

State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

North Rhine-Westphalia

PO Box 20 04 44

40102 Düsseldorf

Data protection – Contact
If you would like to contact us regarding your data protection rights, please use the following address:

Privacy policy for e-mail and Microsoft Teams contact
We use Microsoft 365 / Windows 11 Enterprise for processing and providing our services. These products have been configured to minimize risk to data subjects, have undergone a DSFA, are self-managed and self-provisioned.

Product Processing
Exchange Online Europe
Microsoft Teams Europe
SharePoint Online Europe
AAD Europe
We also use a local QNAP NAS system with RAID 5 arrays to store sensitive data encrypted, classified and offline. A QNAP serves as a backup system with VEEAM. (Germany)

We classify all documents and emails and can provide secure data exchange outside of Microsoft 365.

We classify all documents and emails and can offer you a secure data exchange even outside of Microsoft 365.

We are aware that in the context of using Microsoft 365, telemetry and diagnostic data in particular will be transferred via Microsoft Ireland to Microsoft Corp in a pseudonimized manner. Likewise, until the end of 2022, support will also happen with a data transfer to the USA, as well as a transfer to the USA beyond 2022 for reasons of cybersecurity in the event of attacks. This transfer has been minimized by us and is secured via EU standard contractual clauses and additional TOMs (such as data classification, onPrem storage in the QNAP system).

Contact for data protection

Privacy Policy for Webinars with Live Events
We use Live Events for our webinars using Microsoft Teams. These Live Events allow for the most anonymous participation possible. You can participate with all major browsers or with your Microsoft Teams client.

Support and information about Live Events:

Data processing / cookies in the web browser
During the streaming of the webinar to you, it may happen, especially when using the Teams Client, that personal data as well as data about your hardware is recorded. This is only for secure technical transmission and, if necessary, for support during the webinar. Only 2 persons have access to this data via PIM and have been additionally instructed.

The following data can be processed:

  • Teams ID
  • Number of participants
  • Time from when to when
  • Views
  • Questions asked / own entry in the “Name” field
  • No participant engagement reports will be generated.

We ask that you participate in an inPrivate browser and ask the questions anonymously. You will not suffer any disadvantages with this anonymous participation.

Deletion and retention period
The data will be stored for a maximum of 120 days and then automatically deleted from the system. No further processing is planned, unless there are legal obligations, for example in the context of legal proceedings. In this case, the user in question will be informed in advance.

Youtube – Publication
All webinars are published on the Youtube channel. Only the sound and the video, as well as the screen of the speakers will be shown and published. No names or personal data of participants will be published.

Youtube Privacy Notice:

Participants will receive the slides via OneDrive link. The OneDrive is a European SharePoint Online, located in Amsterdam and Dublin. The download is possible for a limited time without entering a user account. You may sometimes have to type in a password given by the instructor. The OneDrive is secured by Microsoft security and by Defender for Cloud Apps, so that users cannot modify the file, share it or inject malicious code.