Unser CEO Raphael Köllner spricht auf der Microsoft Exchange Konferenz MEC

Am 13 und 14 September 2022 findet wieder die MEC statt, die Microsoft Konferenz rund um Exchange, Exchange Server und Exchange Online. Unser CEO Raphael Köllner spricht auf dieser Onlinekonferenz.

Sessions am 13. September 2022 mit Raphael Köllner

Best Practices for Insider Risk and Communication Compliance in Exchange Online

Sept 13, 2022 | 17:00 bis 17:50 Uhr (Deutschland)

Raphael Köllner

Exchange is one of the most important communication tools in organizations worldwide. Moreover it´s the foundtion for Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and the most Compliance features. This session covers the how, what, and why of Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance and Exchange. Come learn how to use these to tools to be more compliant.

Microsoft Purview and Exchange

Sept 13, 2022 | 19:00am – 19:50 Uhr (Deuschland)

Raphael Köllner

Today, e-mail is still considered an important means of communication, and calendars and tasks are also indispensable. In this session, we look at using Microsoft Purview with Exchange Server and Exchange Online. What are the possibilities and where are the challenges? Step into the world of Microsoft Purview and learn about data lifecycles, classification, encryption and labeling.


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